Brake Repair Service Options That Can Improve Your Vehicle's Brakes

14 June 2023
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Your brake system is one of your vehicle's most important safety features. Without adequate brakes, you might not be able to slow or stop your vehicle in time to avoid a collision. If you need any type of car brake service, auto professionals with the right tools can do the work to get your vehicle's brakes back up to standard. Here are just some of the specific repair services that can get your brakes working as they should.

Brake Fluid Change or Leak Repair

Brake fluid is essential for bringing your vehicle to a stop and preventing damage to brake system parts. Your vehicle's owner's manual should tell you how often you should get the brake fluid changed, but most recommendations specify every two to five years. There could also be cracks or connection problems along the brake line, which could cause brake fluid to leak continuously until the necessary repairs are made.

Brake Rotor Repair or Replacement

The energy conversion that's needed to stop your vehicle when applying the brakes is handled by the brake rotors. If one or more of your rotors is damaged or too old to perform correctly, you might notice that your vehicle shakes when you are traveling at faster speeds and apply the brakes. By getting any troublesome rotors repaired or replaced, you'll be able to stop your vehicle in a safer and smoother fashion. 

Brake Pad Replacement

Your brake pads might have worn down because of all the friction that they endure, and getting them replaced can improve your entire braking system. If you continue to drive with bad brake pads, your vehicle could make grinding or squeaking noises or cause your brake pedal to have a spongy feel when you're trying to stop. Vehicles with worn brake pads also usually take longer to stop, and this can result in collisions.

ABS Sensor Recalibration 

Almost every vehicle nowadays has an anti-lock braking system to keep the vehicle from skidding or sliding when the brakes are applied with extra force. If something is wrong with your anti-lock braking system or if you have a faulty sensor, you'll likely see your ABS light appear on your dashboard. Car brake service experts can diagnose any problems with your ABS system and reset any sensors that are causing the ABS light to appear.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, a reliable brake system is an absolute must. Brake repair experts can fix your brakes and may take additional measures to keep any brake problems from recurring.

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