Are You Getting Tired While Driving? You May Have An Exhaust Problem

28 May 2018
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While some people tend to get sleepy while driving their vehicle, there may be a more serious problem making you tired. If you are consistently tired while you are driving and cannot figure out why, there's a chance your car may suffer from interior exhaust fumes; this situation requires specialized repairs from a professional to ensure you are safe. Car Exhaust Fumes Can Make You Sleepy When you breathe in car exhaust fumes, your body starts to feel extremely sleepy. Read More 

What Heavy Car Exhaust Could Mean

3 April 2018
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In a properly running car, the exhaust will usually be light and practically colorless. You may not even be able to notice the exhaust. However, if there's something wrong somewhere, one of the first indicators will be a change in the nature of the exhaust. The exhaust can become thicker and also have various colors all of which point to specific issues within the car. In some cases, a heavier exhaust is to be expected in hard running conditions such as when the car is being started up in the morning. Read More 

3 Brake Upgrades To Give Your Stock Car Better Handling

7 February 2018
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If your car has all stock parts installed, you may be considering some upgrades to improve performance. Brakes that are installed in the factory are often the least expensive option for the car manufacturer, and upgrades to them can greatly improve handling and performance of your car. Here are some of the different brake upgrades that will give your car better handling: 1. Replacing Rear Drum Brakes with Disks Read More 

Auto Maintenance Tips For Older Vehicles

29 November 2017
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When you work on an older car and keep it running for longer instead of replacing it, you can stretch your budget pretty far. Consequently, some auto maintenance tips for older vehicles may be useful. Those auto maintenance tips for vehicles include maintaining the key operational systems within the car which include the transmission, engine care, oil changes, and the cooling system. Maintaining the Transmission The automatic transmission system within a vehicle is a critical component to operate a vehicle. Read More 

Collision Repair Steps After Hitting An Object

29 October 2017
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You are driving back home after a hectic day at work. As you turn on to your street, your neighbor's Rottweiler suddenly appears and darts in front of your car. Your natural instinct is to quickly turn your steering wheel, causing you to swerve and lose control. You hit a nearby light pole and totally wreck your car! What Would You Do? Situations like this can be extremely frustrating. You now have to repair your damaged car. Read More