2 Reasons To Take Your Car To An Auto Service For Its Routine Maintenance

17 May 2023
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No matter what vehicle you drive, keeping up with its routine maintenance is essential to ensure the life span of the engine. This is especially true when a car has a high-performance engine.

While routine service is crucial, you cannot take your car to just any auto shop because its engine has specific needs. Besides ensuring that the warranty and performance plan remains valid, there are a couple of other reasons why you should only take your car to a certified auto service for its routine maintenance.

1. They Follow a Set Maintenance Schedule Based on Mileage to Ensure Your Car Continues Running Optimally

One reason that you should only take your high-end vehicle to a certified shop for its maintenance is that they follow a set universal maintenance schedule for your car's particular make and model. This schedule ensures that specific parts and fluids are regularly checked and replaced based on specific mileage milestones to keep your car running in optimal condition.

For example, on alternating maintenance visits, the shop may see that the mileage or age of the car indicates that your oil and filter need to be changed. Then, on another one of these visits, they may see that the spark plugs and their wires also need to be replaced.

2. They Have Access to Specific Types of Fluids, Filters, and Other Routinely Changed Parts That Regular Shops Do Not

Another reason why you should only take your car to a certified technician is that only they have access to the specific fluids, filters, and other routinely changed parts that regular shops and mechanics cannot purchase. If you try to replace your car's oil with a brand found on the shelf, for example, you may end up damaging the motor because it does not fully lubricate and draw heat away from the internal parts of the engine.

As part of their contractual agreement with your car's manufacturer, they are allowed to purchase the specific types of oil and parts for your car's engine. 

When you own a higher-end vehicle, you need to take it to a certified service that follows the set maintenance schedule for the replacement of fluids and parts because the intervals have been determined to keep your car's high-performance engine in optimal running condition. They also have access to the fluids, filters, spark plugs, and other routinely changed parts that are made specifically for the engine which other shops cannot purchase. If you have not had scheduled maintenance done for your car, contact a local auto service, such as a BMW auto service, to learn more.