When Can A Punctured Tire Be Repaired?

25 January 2023
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Some tires are very expensive and it can cost money to replace them. But if you take a trip to a nearby tire repair shop, they might inform you that repairs are possible. But tires can only be repaired so many times. It's important to know how many times you can expect to repair your tires before you will need to have them fully replaced.

Most Tires Are Damaged By Punctures

A common reason why a tire becomes damaged is that it was punctured. Your tire might have driven over an object that was too sharp, such as a screw, and your tire is now flat. Whether or not you'll be able to repair the tire depends on the location of the puncture and how severe it is.

How Tires Are Repaired

When your tire is punctured, it will usually be repaired by being plugged. The tire repair shop will place a strip inside the puncture. This will seal the tire so that the air doesn't escape. However, if the air continues to leak, there might be damage somewhere else and the tire might need to be replaced.

When Your Tire Can Be Repaired

Even if your tire has more than one puncture, you may still be able to repair it as long as the punctures are not too close together. Otherwise, repairing your tire might become impractical. If you have more than two punctures, you'll probably need to have your tire replaced. However, when a tire is patched, it will be safe to drive on until you can have a more permanent solution. However, depending on the tire, the damage, and the technique used to plug the tire, the patch can last several years.

Tire Repairs Are Temporary

A tire should only be patched one time and the patch should be considered a temporary repair. The tire will be in worse condition than a brand-new tire. The more damaged your tire is, the more at risk you are of a blowout.

Don't Drive on a Flat Tire

If the tire is already flat, it probably cannot be repaired. With tires that are durable, they can still be repaired if the tire is only a little flat. However, if the PSI is very low, you'll probably need to have the whole tire replaced. If you feel like it's not safe to drive on the tire, you should head to the nearest tire repair shop.