Junk Car Removal Solutions To Consider When You Need To Dispose Of An Old Car

4 January 2023
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Old cars or trucks that are no longer running can be a nuisance in the yard or driveway, and in some situations, you may need to remove them to ensure you are not violating HOA (homeowners' association) rules. There are a few different options you may have for junk car removal in your area, but it may require some research to determine which is best for you. 

Salvage Yards

Junk car removal is often just a matter of finding someone that wants the car and is willing to haul it away. Many salvage yards offer junk car removal because they strip and resell the parts from the car and then sell the frame and body for scrap. 

Many salvage operations will come and get the car if you ask them to, and some salvage yards still offer cash for junk cars, but that depends on how much they need the inventory and the value of the parts on the car or truck you want them to remove. If they can make a good profit on the parts, they are often more willing to pay for the vehicle, and if the car is rare, the price can be significant.

Most salvage operations will remove the car free of charge, but ask if they pay cash for junk cars when you call. The salvage operator may not volunteer that information unless you bring it up, and if you have several salvage yards in the area, it is worth contacting them all to see if one is paying more than the others when it is time to get the car out of your yard. 

Parts Cars

There are people looking for parts cars for projects or restoration jobs they are working on. Sometimes junk car removal comes down to finding a shop or individual that needs the parts from the car you have and is willing to come and take the vehicle away.

Advertising the vehicle as a parts car on local classifieds or online is an excellent way to find someone that wants the car or truck and can bring a trailer or wrecker to remove it. Sometimes you can sell the vehicle and make a few dollars, while other times, finding someone to remove it for you is all you can do.

If you are in a situation where junk car removal is necessary, explore your options because you may find people out there looking for that car you see as a pile of metal taking up space in the yard. Sometimes the parts are worth more than the whole vehicle, but selling them takes time, and free junk car removal services or parts buyers can often get the entire car out of the yard much faster. 

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