Is Your Car Telling You It Needs Brake Service?

8 August 2022
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Brakes are certainly a necessary part of any car. Without them, how would you stop? Brake failures are not that common, but they do occur. Sadly, they often happen when car owners have been long ignoring the signs that their brakes need repair. You don't want to end up driving down the road with no brakes. So, check out these signs that your brakes are ailing, and take your car straight to a nearby repair shop if you notice any of them.

Pushing the pedal to the floor.

When you get new brakes, it should feel like you barely have to press on the pedal to stop your car. Over time, as the brakes become worn, you have to press the pedal down more and more. When you find you have to press the pedal to the floor, this means the brakes are nearly at the point of failure. The pads may even be fully worn away; you could be stopping the car with the hard rotors, only, which causes lots of wear and tear.

Squealing noises.

Do you hear a squealing or squeaking noise when you press on the brakes? Often, you'll first notice this when you go around corners. It might happen in one direction before it starts happening in the other direction if your brakes are wearing unevenly. The squealing can be a high-pitched whine or more of a low-pitched moan, depending on the layout of your car.

Vibrations in the pedal.

If you have ABS brakes, one sign of impending brake failure is vibrations in the pedal whenever you so much as press on the brakes. This is the ABS system trying to kick in because it senses your brakes are not stopping you as they should. Normally, you only feel this sensation when you're driving on ice or a slippery surface. If it is happening in good conditions and nearly every time you press on the brakes, then that's a sign your brakes need service. The ABS system will eventually stop working, too, if your brakes completely wear out and stop working.

These signs often start off subtle, and they build over time. But the thing is if you are noticing them at all, you had better call a car repair company soon. They can take a look and make sure brake services are what you need. With new brakes, your car should be safe and sound again.