3 Ways To Tell If You Need Auto Brake Repair Services

14 June 2022
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Your car's braking system encounters tremendous amounts of force daily. As a result, your car's brakes have a high likelihood of experiencing damage or malfunctions.  When your brakes encounter a malfunction or damage, it is vital to immediately seek auto brake repair services. Besides, driving with a poor braking system can lead to a fatal car accident. Before your brakes fail, you will notice several warning signs that indicate you need brake repair services.

However, most car owners don't know how to troubleshoot their cars' braking systems. Thus, they don't know when to schedule brake repair services.   

If you are such a person, here are three ways you can tell if your car needs auto brake repair services.  

1. Feeble Brake Pedal   

Your car's brake pedal should provide some resistance to your foot when you step on it. However, the hydraulic pressure of a braking system can reduce if air infiltrates the braking fluid. Consequently, your brake pedal feels feeble due to the reduction in hydraulic pressure. A brake line leak will also cause the pedal to feel softer than normal.

Ignoring a soft brake pedal is not advisable because it provides a delayed response to your brakes. But, even a slight delay in your brake's response is enough to get you into a collision. Thus, if your brake pedal provides minimal resistance when you step on it, it is a sign you need auto brake repairs.  

2. Jerking Motions   

The brake calipers ensure that every wheel gets equal braking force. As a result, all the wheels can simultaneously stop when you apply the brakes.   

However, when one of your brake calipers incurs damage or deteriorates, the amount of braking force it applies changes. As a result, one of your wheels gets more or less braking power than the rest of the wheels. The car then tends to jerk to one side when you apply the brakes due to the variation in braking force.   

Thus, when you notice that your car jerks to one side every time you apply the brakes, one of your brake calipers has an issue. As a result, you should seek auto brake repair services to have the caliper fixed.   

3. Thumping Sounds 

If your rotors are reasonably old, they may have developed rust, and thus they have an uneven surface. So every time you hit the brakes, you hear a thumping sound. The thumping sound emanates when a brake pad rubs against the rusted rotor surface, forcing it to thump along.   

Hence, if you notice thumping sounds when you hit the brakes, you need to visit an auto brake repair shop to have your rotors fixed. 

For more about this topic, reach out to a mechanic in your area.