Windshield Repair: 3 Mistakes That Expose Your Windshield To Damage

26 April 2022
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As a car owner, you want your auto glass to be in good shape consistently to avoid inconveniences and keep you safe on the road. However, sometimes, you may not realize that your actions expose your windshield to damage until it is too late. So, it is best to learn the various factors that can cause early chips and cracks on your vehicle's windows so you can avoid them. Here are three mistakes that could lead to windshield damage and extensive repairs.

1. Ignoring the Need for Glass Cleaning or Using Inappropriate Products

How often you clean your car's windshield affects its performance. It is advisable to clean your car's windows and windshield frequently to clear any dirt and debris. Otherwise, dirt will accumulate, affecting how you see the road as you drive. As a result, you expose yourself to a higher risk of causing an accident.

However, you cannot use any cleaner you find at home to clean your auto glass. Most household cleaners have strong chemicals that are not friendly for the car window seals. So, these seals might deteriorate after using these chemicals frequently, increasing the risk of damage.

2. Failing to Analyze the Safety of Your Parking Spot

Many car owners don't consider the safety of their windshield when parking. Just because the parking spot is safe for your vehicle does not mean your car windshield is safe. For instance, parking under a tree may seem like a great way to keep your car cool until a branch falls on your windshield. The best way to keep your vehicle's windows safe is by parking in an enclosed area or large open space.

3. Exposing the Glass to Sudden Temperature Fluctuations

Your vehicle's windows are made to withstand various extreme weather conditions. However, if the temperature changes are drastic and sudden, your glass may not be strong enough to handle it. For instance, when you expose the windows to freezing snow, the last thing you should do is use a heater to defrost the ice. That is because the sudden heat increase might cause the glass to crack. In the same way, be careful about suddenly cranking up your air conditioner after your car has been in the scorching sun for some time.

When your windshield might get damaged due to these mistakes, it is advisable to call windshield repair professionals immediately. Although small cracks and chips on your windows are easy to ignore, driving with a damaged windshield can be dangerous. You may not be able to see the road clearly when the windshield has numerous cracks and might make a wrong decision on the road. For this reason, hire professionals to repair the windshield immediately.