Keeping Your Drivers Cool With Proper Truck AC Maintenance And Repair

2 December 2021
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Truck drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks, and keeping your drivers comfortable can have a significant impact on their performance. Like any fleet repair, keeping the AC working in your trucks is vital, and working with truck fleet AC services is an excellent way to maintain the systems so they work correctly and are efficient.

AC Maintenance

Maintaining the AC in your fleet vehicles is typically cheaper than repairing a neglected system when it breaks. AC system maintenance is not overly challenging, and truck fleet AC services can take care of the system by inspecting it once or twice a year for you. 

If you are using an outside AC service to maintain your fleet trucks, having them come and check the trucks when most of them are parked and available is the best way to ensure they all go through the service cycle. The trucks on the road at the time of the service may need to be scheduled for a later date to ensure they all get serviced.

The Inspection

Truck fleet AC services techs will go over all the parts in the AC system to ensure there are no leaks anywhere and that things like belts and hoses are in good working order and are not damaged in a way that could cause an unexpected failure. The tech will also check the pressure in the system to determine if it needs additional refrigerant or if it is full. 

If a driver complains about warm air in the truck, the tech may need to purge the old refrigerant from the system and recharge it. Over time, the refrigerant can degrade. So, if the truck is older, the problem could be old refrigerant that is no longer working the way it should. 

During the system inspection by the truck fleet AC services, the compressor, any switches or sensor in the system, and all the connections are also checked to ensure they are all in good condition. Any part that is suspected of not working correctly should be replaced to avoid a breakdown later. 

Importance Of AC

Air conditioning may seem like a convenience item in most trucks, but for drivers spending weeks or months at a time on the road, they must be able to heat and cool the truck as needed to keep it comfortable for driving and sleeping. Working with truck fleet AC services to ensure that all your trucks are updated and maintained as required is the best way to keep your drivers comfortable while they are on duty. 

The cost of maintaining the AC is typically not unreasonable. And on some trucks, things like the belts are shared between components like the power steering pump, the water pump, or other required parts, so maintenance of the system is beneficial to those other systems on the truck. 

For more information, reach out to a company that offers truck fleet AC services.