Things You Need To Know When Buying Custom Wheels

18 October 2021
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Replacing the stock wheels on your car with custom wheels can be an excellent way to dress up your vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd. There are many wheel options to choose from, but there are some things you need to consider as you shop for your custom wheels.

Tires And Wheels

Adding custom wheels to your vehicle can come with some challenges. Large wheels can sometimes be too large and rub on the frame or the fender, causing damage to the new wheels, the fender or fender liner, or other parts that the wheel is touching under the wheel well. 

The type of tires you choose for your new wheels can also affect the fit. When you increase the wheel size on your car, you increase the tire size that will fit correctly on the wheel. The larger tires may also cause issues with rubbing or contacting parts on the vehicle, so it is essential to position the tire and wheel combination properly under the car. 

Wheel Position

When ordering custom wheels, you have the option to buy the wheels with a custom offset built into the wheel. The offset is the measurement from the mounting surface of the wheel to the front edge. Changing the wheel's offset will cause it to move closer or further from the car's centerline, creating more clearance in one area of the tire and wheel. 

Ordering custom wheels with special offsets is an excellent way to fine-tune the position of the wheels, so they fit perfectly under the car and do not rub the car anywhere as you drive. If the wheel sits outboard far enough, you may find that the fender needs to be replaced with a wider style to make room inside, or the opening enlarged and a wide flare installed to create space. 

When the wheels arrive, check them to be sure the offset is correct before installing your tires. Putting the rim in place with no tire allows you to look around the wheel and make sure it is not touching the brakes or brake lines. Once you are comfortable with the clearance of the wheel, mounting the tires installing the wheel and tire combination on the car is the best way to see if you got the wheel position right when you ordered your custom wheels. 

If the wheel needs to go out a little more, you can use wheel shims or small spacers between the wheel and the mounting surface on the hub to move the wheel a little more. Use as few shims as you can, because adding material between the wheel and hub can strain the wheel studs and hub.

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