Three Pieces Of Paperwork To Gather During Any Car Servicing

5 February 2019
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When the lights of your vehicle turn on or when your car begins to exhibit some different than normal issues, you should get it to the repair shop as soon as possible. Though you may not have a lot of time to get things together before you go to the repair shop, you will be able to speak with the proper people and get the necessary paperwork after your vehicle is done being serviced. Here are three paperwork items to be sure to get for your records when you leave any auto repair session. 

A statement of the problem

The number one form of paperwork that most people tend to get is the statement of the issue that the vehicle was having. The reason why you want to have this on file is to be able to cross reference this problem later on. If the car has the same issue again, you will be able to take out the diagnosis and get the vehicle repaired under the warranty for the work. A statement of the problem also makes it clear what was wrong with your vehicle versus repair work jargon. 

What work was done to the vehicle

Any vehicle that gets work done should come up with a report. The report should state what work was done to the vehicle. Prior to your car being completed, ask for the work report to be as comprehensive as possible so that you can add it to your vehicles records. If more than one service is done, have the mechanic write a short statement for each problem that was repaired. If fluids were refilled or any usual maintenance was performed, have these added to the sheet so that you can skip any maintenance that was already performed. 

The names and titles of all technicians

When you have a vehicle that is under warranty, repairs and maintenance must be performed by those who are properly certified to repair the vehicles. In order to keep up with your warranty, get the name and titles of anyone who is working on your vehicle. If you have a specific type of car, it is best to ask if they are certified to work with that type of vehicle before allowing any work to begin. If there are any issues with our warranty still being in good standing, your car dealership can call to the prior workers and make sure that they properly fit into the warranty service. 

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