Four Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

24 October 2018
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Your vehicle's fuel efficiency is an integral measure of how well your car is actually operating, but beyond affecting your vehicle's performance, it has a significant effect on your wallet. Poor fuel efficiency can cause you to constantly be heading to the pumps to refill your gas tank, which can quickly add up to a sizeable expense. Fortunately, there are a number of different things that you can do to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and save money over time.

Oil Changes

One of the simplest and most financially sound ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to schedule regular oil changes. Oil serves as the lubricant for your engine, so clean and fresh oil will allow all of the moving parts of your engine to operate with a minimal amount of friction. This will reduce the ambient temperature that your engine operates at, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient burn.

Reduce Weight

Another fairly simple thing that you can do to improve how efficiently your engine burns fuel is to reduce the amount of weight that your vehicle is carrying. This means unpacking any luggage or flats of water from the back of your vehicle and looking to remove other accessories which could increase the amount of weight that your engine is trying to move, like bike racks and roof storage attachments.

Tire Pressure

Another important thing to consider when maintaining your vehicle's fuel efficiency is the air pressure of your tires. Tire pressure that is too low can cause your tires to lose their shape and have a greater amount of their tread surface to come into contact with the road. This will increase the amount of energy that your engine will need to produce to cause your vehicle to accelerate, leading to the burning of more fuel. Check the sidewall of your tires to determine the correct air pressure, and inflate to that level to ensure the best possible performance.

Reduce Air Conditioning Use

Finally, one last way to reduce the amount of fuel that your vehicle uses is to reduce the amount of time that you use the air conditioner, or to at least reduce the settings that it runs at when traveling at low speeds. Air conditioners place a significant amount of strain on your engine and can cause your fuel tank to empty quickly. Roll down your windows when traveling at low speeds instead. When on the highway, it's better to roll up your windows to reduce the amount of drag that your vehicle experiences.

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