Determining Whether Your Damaged Windshield Needs To Be Replaced Or Repaired

11 August 2018
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Not that many years ago, if the windshield on your car got cracked, the only option you had was to remove it and replace it with a brand new one. While the glass has not changed that much, the tools and technology to fix the glass has improved a lot. It is not always a requirement to replace the entire windshield anymore but there is a limit to what can be repaired and can't.

Determining If Repair Is Possible

Once you notice a crack or chip in the glass on your car's windshield, you need to determine if it is something that can be repaired or not. In most cases, the size of the crack and where it is located are the determining factors. A crack at the corner or edge of the glass is most likely not going to be repairable but a crack in the middle of the glass, or a crack that is smaller than a half dollar coin in size are good candidates for repair.

How Is The Repair Made?

Because the glass is layered with a sheet of polyethylene plastic, the glass will stay together for the most part. There may be a chip or two that comes out of the glass but that is okay because the repairer will inject a clear resin into the crack that will fill the hole and bond with the plastic layer. This is the reason for the size limitation on the crack. The resin can only fill so much area, and over a large area, it would lose its strength.

Mobile Glass Repair

Because the process is fast and relatively easy, most glass companies are offering mobile repair these days. The technician will come out to your location and fix the glass while you are working, shopping, or at home.  Once the glass has been repaired, you might not even be able to find the spot that was damaged. The resin will harden completely clear, and if the job was done right, the edges will blend into the glass completely and appear nearly invisible.

Replacing The Glass

If the break in the glass is too large, the glass company may not be able to fix it. The only choice may be to replace the entire windshield. If that is the case, the glass company will be able to get the glass and install it at their shop, or in a lot of cases, at your home, work, or other location. Like the auto glass repairs, many glass companies offer mobile services, making it easier to have a windshield replaced.  Check with the glass company you are going to use and they will tell you if you need to bring the car in or if they can come to you.