Are You Getting Tired While Driving? You May Have An Exhaust Problem

28 May 2018
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While some people tend to get sleepy while driving their vehicle, there may be a more serious problem making you tired. If you are consistently tired while you are driving and cannot figure out why, there's a chance your car may suffer from interior exhaust fumes; this situation requires specialized repairs from a professional to ensure you are safe.

Car Exhaust Fumes Can Make You Sleepy

When you breathe in car exhaust fumes, your body starts to feel extremely sleepy. If there is even a small concentration of fumes in your vehicle, there is a chance that they could be making you very sleepy. In some instances, they may even knock you out while you are driving and cause you to go off of the road and crash your vehicle.

Even worse, regularly breathing car exhaust can cause brain damage that is irreparable. So even if you don't crash your vehicle while driving, you may be doing subtle, but serious, damage to yourself that can affect your mood and other aspects of your life. Understanding how fumes appear in your vehicle interior is critical to protecting yourself from this danger.

How Fumes May Appear In Your Car

While it is possible for car fumes to come in through your window while you are driving, the small amount that enters this way will not make you tired. In fact, the only way severe enough car fumes can enter your car is through a serious mechanical error with the exhaust system. Unfortunately, your car can continue to drive even with these issues, meaning it is critical to take your vehicle to a professional if you find yourself wanting to nod off while driving or if you smell fumes in your vehicle at any time.

Repairs For This Problem Are Not Difficult

While it is possible to continue to drive while exhaust fumes appear in your car, it is a very dangerous activity. It will put you at very serious risk for crashing your vehicle and even suffering from brain damage or other issues. As a result, it is critical to get repairs done on your vehicle immediately to catch the problem before it gets worse.

Thankfully, there are really only a handful of problems that lead to the development of exhaust fumes in your vehicle. These include problems with the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipes. Typically, these parts are leaking or cracked and are slowly releasing fumes inside of the cabin. A car repair specialist can spot this problem very quickly and work to repair it without delay.

That's why talking to a car repair specialist is so important when your car is suffering from this issue. These professionals will take the time to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle, pinpoint the exhaust problem, and take steps to repair it for good.