Collision Repair Steps After Hitting An Object

29 October 2017
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You are driving back home after a hectic day at work. As you turn on to your street, your neighbor's Rottweiler suddenly appears and darts in front of your car. Your natural instinct is to quickly turn your steering wheel, causing you to swerve and lose control. You hit a nearby light pole and totally wreck your car!

What Would You Do?

Situations like this can be extremely frustrating. You now have to repair your damaged car. You or your passengers may be hurt. And most of all, you just want to go home! However, there are immediate measures you can take to help you recover quickly from such incidents.

Follow these steps for collision repair:

  • Immediately stop in a safe area and survey the situation.

  • Move quickly and stay away from any further potential danger (e.g. fallen electrical wire).

  • If you have other persons in your vehicle, check to see if they are ok or are in need of medical attention.

  • Quickly assess to see if you can come out of your vehicle.

  • Call 911. Explain where you are and what happened.

  • When you are able to, locate your driver's license and insurance card.

  • Take pictures of the damage to your car and the object you struck.

  • Stay calm and await the police to give your report. If they are unable to reach you, file an accident report in the nearest police station as soon as possible.

  • Even if you just have broken glass, windshield replacement services are urgent. Leaving a broken window opens your car up to vandalism, theft, and interior damage.

  • If needed, call your insurance company to have a tow truck remove your vehicle. Your insurance company will also send an adjuster to view the damage and make an assessment.

  • Submit your claim to your insurance company.

  • Some insurance companies provide full coverage for collision repair for damages caused by unforeseen accidents such as hitting a tree or other object. Other companies cover only a portion of the repair or replacement costs.

Although comprehensive insurance coverage is not mandatory in the United States, you may need it.  With better insurance coverage, you can be reimbursed for your repair costs, even if you were at fault. Arrangements are usually made with your insurance company only (no third party involvement) in the case of a single driver accident or object collision.

Accidents are unpredictable. So get the facts and make the best decision to protect your vehicle. Contact your local windshield replacement services for more information and assistance.