3 Reasons to Go to a Foreign Car Specialist

22 May 2015
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When you buy a car that is a from a foreign maker, you shouldn't just take your car anywhere for repairs. You should always take your car to a car repairman who specializes in foreign car repair. There are three very good reasons for this: they have the expertise, parts, and right connections.

1. Expertise

There are auto makers all over the world and each has their own version of a sedan, cross-over, van, or truck that vary from another manufacturer. For instance, many German brands focus more on the speed and drive system performances of their cars while Japanese auto makers tend to focus on reliability and high gas mileage. A foreign car specialist has worked a long time to learn the individual systems intimately so that they can more accurately do car repairs. To put it simply, one part does not fit every car and the best person to do your repair is someone who has expertise in the make and model of your car. 

2. Parts

If you have ever taken your car to a general repairman, you know that they don't keep many parts in stock because of the cost and space it takes to store them. If you take your car to a foreign car specialist, they are able to keep more parts in stock specific to your vehicle because they have less models to worry about than their competitors. Many drivers who take their cars in to get fixed have to leave them at the garage while they wait for parts to arrive. If there is less time spent waiting for parts, your repair takes less time so you can get back on the road much faster.

Of course, foreign car service shops do not keep every part for every model in stock all the time. They do try to keep the most common parts in stock, but sometimes they do need to order different components. It is more reassuring to know that with a specialist, they know exactly where to get the right parts every time. Many general car repair shops order through a third party who don't always get it right.

3. Right Connections

There are several foreign car manufacturers who do not just ship their parts to everybody for the same price. As a way to help the people who service their cars specifically, many companies will provide parts to repairmen for a better price. This helps them weed out some of the competition who competes with their brand. When a manufacturer backs up a repair shop, it is comforting that you are getting the job done right the first time. Talk to a mechanic like Dave's Import Repair for more information.