3 Things To Consider When Purchasing An RV

22 April 2015
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Since buying an RV is a big deal, it is important that you take the time to think about exactly what type of RV you are looking for. This will help to ensure that you are happy with the RV that you ultimately decide to purchase. This article will discuss 3 things to consider when purchasing an RV. 

Size and Storage In The RV

Considering how much time you will be spending in your RV and how many trips you plan on taking in it will help you to determine how much storage you need in your RV and how big you need it to be. For example, if you plan on living in your RV or if you are going to be using it for long camping or road trips, then you are likely going to need quite a bit of room for storage. The amount of people staying in your RV when it is being used will also help you to determine how big you need it to be. If you have more than 4 people in the RV at a time, then you will want to consider an RV that comes with a least 2 beds, and has room for the 4 of you to "live" comfortably in the RV. 

Self Driven Or Pulled

The question of whether you want a self-driven or pulled RV is completely up to preference. If you don't have a truck that is capable of pulling an RV, then it would be wise to purchase an RV that is self-driven. However, if you do have a truck and want to be able to unhitch your RV and use the truck while you are out camping, hunting, touring, etc., then a pulled RV would likely work best for you. Be sure to ask questions about what type of truck is needed to pull the specific RVs though, so that you can make sure that your truck has enough power to pull it. 

Flooring, Cabinets, and Furniture Materials 

When it comes to the details of your RV, you will also have some decisions to make. You will need to decide if you want floors that are either made out of wood or tile in your RV, and you will also want to consider if you would like carpet anywhere. The cabinets can be made out of a variety of different woods, so you will want to consider this as well. The furniture that comes inside of the RV can also come in several different materials, such as leather, cotton, polyester, etc. Leather is often times easier for you to clean, but can also be damaged easier. Cotton and polyester are very comfortable, but can stain quite easily. 

Sometimes, the best way to decide what your want in an RV is to look at several in person. Visit an RV center, such as Orangewood RV Center, to explore your options.