How To Remember To Get An Oil Change

22 May 2019
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Your car needs its oil changed fairly frequently. Failure to change the oil in your automobile can lead to engine issues, wear and tear of your car, or can even cause the engine to seize and break. Since an oil change isn't that costly and replacing an engine due to failure to get an oil change is, remembering to replace your car's oil on a regular basis is very important to keeping your car in great condition.

This doesn't mean you automatically remember to get an oil change when it's appropriate, however. The more you drive your car — as in, the more miles you put on your automobile — the more frequently you'll need to get its oil changed, which can make getting this service done on time even more hard to remember. Here are tips that will help you keep your car's oil changed on time.

Pick a month

Pick a month to have your oil changed, and have your car serviced during this month every year. Since you'll have to get the oil changed more than once a year — unless you rarely drive your car — you'll want to pick a month every other month or every few months. When you stick to the same months to get your oil changed, the service becomes more habitual and before long you won't need to be given a reminder at all.

Ask for reminders

Ask your auto service technician to give you a reminder when your oil change is due. This reminder can be an email, text, postcard, or voicemail, telling you when it's time to take your car into the shop. This reminder notification is beneficial to you because it helps you stay on track of your vehicle's servicing needs and is helpful to your mechanic as well since it helps them get your repeat service.

Use the sticker on your window

Many oil change technicians put stickers in the windshields of the vehicles they service to tell the car owner when their next oil change is due. To remember you have this notification on your windshield, place another sticker next to it as a visual aide or ask to have the sticker place on your dash or steering wheel during your next oil change instead to help you remember to look at it periodically. As the mileage or date creeps up on you, schedule your appointment to have your oil change done.