3 Brake Upgrades To Give Your Stock Car Better Handling

7 February 2018
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If your car has all stock parts installed, you may be considering some upgrades to improve performance. Brakes that are installed in the factory are often the least expensive option for the car manufacturer, and upgrades to them can greatly improve handling and performance of your car. Here are some of the different brake upgrades that will give your car better handling:

1. Replacing Rear Drum Brakes with Disks

On many stock model cars, the rear brakes are drum brakes, which do not perform as well as disk brakes and are susceptible to many problems. If your car has rear drum brakes, one of the first improvements that you will want to do is install disks on the rear. Aftermarket disk conversion kits are available for many different models of car. If you cannot find the kit for your car, find a similar model car that is built on the same platform to see if you can find a kit that will work for your car. If you still cannot find a brake conversion kit, contact a brake service and talk with them about converting the rear drums to disks.

2. Installing High-Performance Drilled Disk Brakes

The stock disks on your car are probably simple slotted disks. These types of brakes do not perform as well as drilled brakes because they tend to heat faster. In addition, the stock brakes also weigh more. Another brake improvement that can be done is replacing the stock brakes for drilled disks that are designed to stay cooler and perform better. In addition to drilled brakes, there are also high-performance slotted and drilled disks that are designed to give you the benefits of both types.

3. Upgrading Brakes with High-Performance Calipers and Pads

Lastly, you will want to choose the type of brake pads that you use on your car. High-performance brake pads are designed to give you stopping power and better handling. If you install high-performance disks and pads, it is also a good idea to install calipers. The upgraded calipers will give you more responsive brakes. In addition, you may want to consider replacing the brake lines and other parts that can be replaced with aftermarket high-performance parts.

These are some brake upgrades that will give you car better handling. If you need help with updating the brakes on your car, contact a brake repair service and talk with them about some of these performance options. Visit a site like http://www.autorepairhighdesert.com/ for more help.