Need To Fix A Broken Windshield? Consider These Four Tips Before Using Insurance

16 February 2016
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When your vehicle's windshield is damaged because of tree limbs, vandalism, or a stray rock on the freeway, you'll need to repair the damage quickly. Small cracks can become bigger due potholes and vibrations, which will impair your vision and could potentially lead to a ticket. Before you file a claim with your insurance company, consider these four tips for having the windshield repaired.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Every insurance policy is different, so it's hard to say with any certainty if windshield damage is covered. You could be surprised to learn that some policies only cover damage to side and rear windows, since they are less likely to become damaged while driving.

Before you attempt to file an insurance claim, know what kind of coverage you have. Not only must windshield replacement be covered under your insurance policy, but there may be criteria that need to be met as well. For example, your coverage may only be for damage caused by storms or vandalism, and not normal wear and tear from driving.

Know Your Deductible

With deductibles varying greatly between policies, having insurance repair a broken windshield may not be a viable option. Those with a high deductible plan may find that the cost of windshield replacement is cheaper than they anticipate. For example, repairing a small crack could be as little as $20, but save you hundreds in the long run. Even full replacement could cost around $325. Unless you have a low deductible plan, it will be best to pay for windshield replacement on your own.

Consider How A Claim Will Impact Premiums

As with any insurance product, filing a claim could lead to an increase in the amount that you pay for coverage. You will be viewed as a risky person, and an insurance company could require more money for the same amount of coverage in the future. Paying for windshield repair on your own will prevent an insurance company from knowing about the repair, keeping premiums the same.

Know The Approved Vendors

Your auto insurance company may have restrictions on the place that does the repair on your car because they receive a discount on service. Due to the location or availability of this vendor, it may not make using insurance for the repair viable.

No matter how you end up paying for windshield repair, it's important that you have damage repaired quickly so that you do not have any safety concerns for you or the passengers you are driving with. Contact a local car repair shop, such as Dean's Automotive Service Center, to get a professional to examine your windshield damage.