Keeping Your Car Safe With A Few Simple Steps

28 January 2016
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If you spend a lot of time traveling on the highways and freeways, then it's important for you to make sure you do everything you can to decrease your chances of dealing with mechanical issues. There are some very easy steps you can take so you can enjoy smooth travels and lessen the odds of something happening to your car while on the road. This article will help you to keep your car safer on the road.

Check your tires

It really is true that you should check your tires before you drive your car, especially if you are going to be driving on a freeway, highway or mountain road. You want to verify that the tread on your tires is still good, that there are no bald patches and that there are no bubbles in the tire.

A very quick and easy way you can go about checking the tread is by taking a penny and using it to measure the depth of the tread. Put the penny in the tread and make sure the edge of the tire comes higher than Lincoln's head. If not, it's time for you to get new tires. Bubbles in the tire will look like a bulge and if you see one, you need to replace that tire immediately or it can blow out while you are on the road.

Check your windshield

Take a quick look at your windshield from the outside. The reason you want to check it from outside of the car is so you can see the entire thing, where some areas are hidden from your view when you are inside of the car. Look for any chips or cracks, no matter how small they may be.

If you find one then you should have your windshield repaired right away. Otherwise, the problem can get bigger until it poses a safety hazard. If you have a pretty good sized chip or crack then you can even have a mobile windshield repair service come to you so you don't have to drive the car.

Check your brakes

Give your brakes a couple taps before you get going to verify that there is no weird sounds and that they don't go all the way down to the floor when you press down on them.

A grinding or squeaking sound indicates that the brakes are getting worn and need to be replaced soon. If they go down to the floor then it means you more than likely have air in the line and it will need to be bled out of the line to get your brakes functioning properly again. Making sure you pay attention to your car will help keep you safer on the road and help keep your car in better shape for longer.

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