Setting Up A Mobile Office In An Office Trailer

3 November 2015
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In the business world, things are always changing. Being able to adhere to these changes quickly becomes important. In some instances, setting up a mobile office can help with accomplishing this goal. Mobile offices afford the opportunity to transport all the functionality of a traditional office space on-site to your customer so that you can more readily meet their needs. Here are some of the things you want to consider when setting up your office trailer.

Connectivity And Technology

A mobile office isn't the place to skimp on connectivity and technology. In a mobile office space, the ability to access files and information and communicate with staff at the main office will serve as the lifeline. Don't try to cut cost in this area. Make sure you are investing in high-quality software and equipment. Using equipment with quality issues can leave you disconnected and unable to communicate. Without these abilities you will be limited in terms of the services you can provide to your customer on-site, making the office space virtually useless.


Security is another important area to consider with a mobile office. The attention and focus you pay to securing your main office should be matched when it comes to protecting the mobile office. It's a good idea to install a lock bar along the exterior door of the trailer.

The lock bar is an attachment that makes it impossible to not only access the door without a key, but it also can't be kicked in or removed from the hinges. Along the windows, install steel security screens. Taking these steps will keep both your equipment and data better protected.


Since the office trailer will likely be considerably smaller than your traditional office space, it's important to choose furniture with functionality in mind. This will create an organized and highly-efficient space for your team to work. Take a desk, for example.

Choose a desk style that has underside storage so that you can minimize your need to install numerous file cabinets. This type of desk doesn't just make it easier to access files, but this can also help free up more space in the office. If space permits, consider L shaped desk over rectangular desk. The two-sided style of a L shaped desk can offer a dedicated work space and a space to meet with clients.

Getting the most out of an office trailer begins with proper planning. If you're considering this addition for your business, make sure you plan with success in mind. For more information, contact companies like Instant Space Inc.