How To Get Your Car To Breakdown: Methods For Destruction

14 September 2015
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Taking care of your car and keeping it in good working order is a lot of work. Sometimes as a car owner, you wish you could just skip out on some of the maintenance and repairs on your car and continue on with your daily routines uninterrupted or inconvenienced. Well, luckily there are numerous auto repairs and maintenance tasks that you can ignore if you want your car to no longer be a concern or consideration. Learn some of the ways that you can ensure your car breaks down and you do not have to do maintenance on it ever again.  

Ignore Signs of Transmission Trouble

Transmission repairs (such as those from Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center) are essential in keeping your car running and functioning properly. So, if you do not want to maintain or repair your car, you should definitely ignore the signs of transmission problems. 

Transmission issues can take many forms including trouble getting your car to shift gears as you accelerate.  When you are at a stop in your vehicle and you begin to drive, your car's transmission usually upshifts automatically to accommodate your increasing speed. However, if your transmission is beginning to have issues, you will notice your engine revving loudly and at higher and higher RPMs and chugging as it struggles with the inability to shift gears.

Other signs include slipping from the correct gear into a lower gear, a scent of something burning, and shaking or rattling when the car is in park or neutral. These are all signs that the transmission is giving out and requires transmission repairs to keep the vehicle going. 

Do Not Get Regular Oil Changes

When you take your car to the shop for an oil change, they will always give you a sticker or a card that indicates when you should come back for your next oil change. This is usually about every 3000 miles or so. 

The oil in your car is used to keep your engine lubricated and the moving parts running smoothly and free of friction. When the time comes for an oil change, it means the oil levels in your car have reduced enough through repeated use that your car's engine needs new oil to maintain that friction free operation. 

When your car's engine does not have enough oil, the gears begin to grind against one another causing serious engine damage. When your car's engine suffers a great deal of damage, your car will no longer run properly and sooner rather than later will break down completely.

Now that you know a few of the ways to ensure that your car breaks down entirely, you can get to work at avoiding those necessary vehicle repairs and maintenance tasks that drive you crazy. You will be free of those burdens in no time.