4 Ways You Know Your Transmission Needs Repairs

10 August 2015
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You may not pay much attention to your transmission on a normal day, but you will notice it when you have to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs. Of the different repairs needed, the transmission and engine tend to be the most expensive. To avoid this from happening, pay attention to signs that it is time to visit the transmission repair shop. Minor repairs will save you from the more serious ones. Here are some signs that your transmission needs to be looked at.

You See Transmission Fluid Under Your Car

One of the first signs you might notice with your transmission is leaking fluid underneath your car. It is easy to spot since it is a bright red color or a pink color. Whenever you are parked, move your car and peek at the place you were parked. If you notice fluid that is a pink or red hue, you are probably leaking transmission fluid. It could be a minor issue, but it is best to get your car looked at. If you notice darker liquids that are brown or black, it is most likely your oil, not transmission fluid.

You Hear Suspicious Noises

Just hearing noises alone might not be a sign that your transmission alone is having problems, but any time you hear a weird noise, you should visit your mechanic. With transmissions, they usually make a grinding sound when you are changing gears. This is often from problems with the transmission. You might also hear a high-pitched sound when you are operating your vehicle, or a clunking or buzzing sound. Even if you're not sure what is causing the sounds, it warrants a trip to the auto repair shop.

You Can't Shift Gears Properly

Gear shifting problems are often due to the transmission and can occur with an automatic or manual transmission. With a manual transmission, you might have problems getting your car into the right gear while operating the vehicle. If you have an automatic transmission, you actually feel the car having problems changing gears when accelerating. It will make a weird sound and vibrate slightly when attempting to get to the next gear. Jerking while shifting gears is another sign that you need to have the transmission looked at.

You Smell Something Burning

Your vehicle probably has a lot of different smells, but when a transmission is having problems, there are brand new smells that arise. One smell is a burning liquid smell that is hard to miss. Even if this isn't caused by your transmission, it is a good reason to visit the mechanic. Another smell associated with the transmission is a sticky sweet smell. It is an odd thing to smell from a car and is rarely anything but the transmission.