3 Tips For Restoring A Porsche To Its Original Condition

2 June 2015
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Do you want to buy a classic Porsche? Do you expect that the car will need some restoration work? Buying and restoring an old Porsche can be a fun adventure. There are few things as exciting as watching an old car transformed into its peak, classic condition. However, restoration isn't always easy. As is the case with any big project, you'll likely face some roadblocks and challenges. You'll need to start by choosing the right car and the right restoration company. These three tips can help you get through the restoration project:

Consider the popularity of the car. Many classic Porsche buyers want a model that is unique and rare. However, there is a trade-off to buying a rare Porsche model. If there are very few of the models on the market, there are also likely few parts available for restoration. However, if you choose one of the highly popular models, like the Porsche 911, you'll likely find an abundance of parts available.

This is an important consideration because it will affect your restoration schedule. If you want the car restored quickly, you'll need to be able to get parts quickly. If there are few parts on the market, your restorer may have no choice but to wait until more parts become available.

Document everything. Whether you do the job yourself or rely on a restoration company, it's important that all work is completely documented. This helps in two key areas. First, if you ever sell the vehicle, your buyer will likely want to see proof that the work was done. Documentation from a reputable restoration company will likely set their mind at ease.

Second, should you switch restoration companies in the middle of the job or should you ever have more work done down the road, you'll likely want to make sure that your new company knows where the last one left off. Documentation can provide guidance in that regard.

Know how the car will be used. There are some practical considerations when it comes to restoration. Think about how the car will be used. Will it mainly be a show car that's only driven to classic car events? Or will it be your day-to-day vehicle?

This is an important distinction. If it's your day-to-day vehicle, it may not be practical to use completely authentic parts. Cars built decades ago may not have been built for high-speed, long-distance commutes or the start-stop pattern of busy traffic. Talk to your restorer about your planned usage so he or she can order the appropriate parts.

For more information, talk to a Porsche restoration company in your area, like Porsche Services or otherwise. They can guide you through the process and help you rebuild the car of your dreams.